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first birthday

It happened…


I have a ONE year old son!!  I have a one year old son??? What?..!

I love that boy MORE than he will ever know. We feel very blessed to have a happy and healthy one year old boy who fills us with so much love.. it’s overflowing.. blah blah mushy mushy- I know. But I would have never known the feeling until I got to experience it. It’s pure love.

We made it through the first year! What a great feeling. What an accomplishment! very hard to believe.

Ok- so his birthday was on Friday and we started the celebrations first thing in the morning. Got him dressed, tried to tame his sleepy hair, all while getting myself showered and ready for the day too. Do you know how to juggle? I never knew I could juggle so well. I have the best husband. and parents.

We took baby L downstairs to see a ‘special birthday’ decorated house just for him! Lots of fun dollar store party decorations, silly sound makers, lots of gift bags, balloons. He was like “Guys, what happened to the house?.. it’s pretty cool.. I like what you’ve done with the place”

Since he has recently dropped his first nap, we got his coat and boots on and headed out for a yummy yummy birthday breakfast with daddy, before he had to go to work. So much fun. Baby L knew something was different today.

He got the royal treatment starting with a pancake and eggs, banana and the coolest origami cut apple we have ever seen. Who knew Cora’s knew how to make animals out of apples.  That was really really fun for him. Maybe more fun for us… oy. cheap thrills.

We headed home, opened some presents, and then my mom came over to play with L before nap time.

I love nap time.

Anyways, the night before his birthday, my amazingly talented baker cousin came over to make Elmo cupcakes with me.

We weren’t having so many people over for his actual birthday, but thought this would be so exciting and fun for him.

I love to bake, but know nothing about decorating. She taught me a lot.  She also made an amazing Thomas cake for some other family that came to see him on Monday. I already hired her for his real birthday party next week.

Here are a few of the awesome Elmo cupcakes! They were SOO delish!


Elmo getting fur!

Elmo getting eyes!

Elmo looking so cute all dressed up to celebrate L’s 1st Birthday!

and yet we still have one more party – the real birthday party next week.

Let the fun and last minute planning begin…

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Sweets for your Sweet

mmmmm!!! as my son would say.

You say Chocolate and I say WHERE?!

Take a look at this place!

Double Chocolate Fountain

fun foods. So so fun!

amazingly delicious sweet ideas: hot chocolate, chocolate bar maker, candy apples, cotton candy, smores, pancakes, an amazing double chocolate fountain!!! and MORE. This company serves the GTA, but check if your city has something like this.

ok maybe this is a bit larger scale like wedding or sweet sixteen, but you can definitely get inspired by the sweets on this site for your sweet little one and his or her sweet little friends, cousins and grownups at the party.  wow. this might be another ‘go big idea’ but why not?  If you are having a larger size group gathering, why not have a station that all the guests can visit. Think about it, you won’t have to worry about buying all the ingredients or sweating over the stove worrying about burning the goods.

Check out these amazing looking pancakes!

Woahh... impressive much!?


Candy Apples… so much FuN for everyone!

Yum.... there is an apple under all that candy, I'm sure of it.



While your guests are around playing and chatting, be present, so the party doesn’t just pass by like a blur.

Enjoy it, play with your child and relax with your family and friends.

The goal is to make it as stress free as possible!

The first birthday is a special one, yes the second birthday might have some high expectations, but just tell them you are out-of-town or something, who will care?

Splurge on your little one!! 

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Go BIG !

Well well well… what have I stumbled across here.

Ok I was kidding about the Bar Mitzvah blog post, though I wouldn’t be so surprised if I found one of these very awesome bouncy castles at a Bar Mitzvah somewhere around town this weekend! Not such a bad idea, eh?

Ok.. so back to planning a kiddy party.

Thinking of having a party at home? Maybe in the backyard?  Unfortunately my babes birthday is in ice-cold February, so this won’t be the best option for us.  If you are planning ahead for spring or summer… you are organized, on the ball, and probably shouldn’t rub in how late I am starting to plan this party.

With all that being said… If you are looking to go really BIG for this party, you might be interested to check out this place.

They specialize in renting out bouncy castles and other inflatable large structures that the older kids will love at your party.  If you are not local to the GTA I’m sure your area has a similar rental service.


Adventure Mania Inflatable Rentals

As I mentioned this is a BIG idea, not necessarily needed for a wonderful and memorable small-scale party, but from the looks of the pics, how could your party not be a complete success? You will likely be giving the kids a new amazing experience, which will grant them with a very warm and lasting memory from that special day.

So, go BIG..or stay home.. or go BIG at home!

very cool idea that the kids will LOVE!!

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