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Sweets for your Sweet

on December 11, 2011

mmmmm!!! as my son would say.

You say Chocolate and I say WHERE?!

Take a look at this place!

Double Chocolate Fountain

fun foods. So so fun!

amazingly delicious sweet ideas: hot chocolate, chocolate bar maker, candy apples, cotton candy, smores, pancakes, an amazing double chocolate fountain!!! and MORE. This company serves the GTA, but check if your city has something like this.

ok maybe this is a bit larger scale like wedding or sweet sixteen, but you can definitely get inspired by the sweets on this site for your sweet little one and his or her sweet little friends, cousins and grownups at the party.  wow. this might be another ‘go big idea’ but why not?  If you are having a larger size group gathering, why not have a station that all the guests can visit. Think about it, you won’t have to worry about buying all the ingredients or sweating over the stove worrying about burning the goods.

Check out these amazing looking pancakes!

Woahh... impressive much!?


Candy Apples… so much FuN for everyone!

Yum.... there is an apple under all that candy, I'm sure of it.



While your guests are around playing and chatting, be present, so the party doesn’t just pass by like a blur.

Enjoy it, play with your child and relax with your family and friends.

The goal is to make it as stress free as possible!

The first birthday is a special one, yes the second birthday might have some high expectations, but just tell them you are out-of-town or something, who will care?

Splurge on your little one!! 


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