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Go BIG !

on December 10, 2011

Well well well… what have I stumbled across here.

Ok I was kidding about the Bar Mitzvah blog post, though I wouldn’t be so surprised if I found one of these very awesome bouncy castles at a Bar Mitzvah somewhere around town this weekend! Not such a bad idea, eh?

Ok.. so back to planning a kiddy party.

Thinking of having a party at home? Maybe in the backyard?  Unfortunately my babes birthday is in ice-cold February, so this won’t be the best option for us.  If you are planning ahead for spring or summer… you are organized, on the ball, and probably shouldn’t rub in how late I am starting to plan this party.

With all that being said… If you are looking to go really BIG for this party, you might be interested to check out this place.

They specialize in renting out bouncy castles and other inflatable large structures that the older kids will love at your party.  If you are not local to the GTA I’m sure your area has a similar rental service.


Adventure Mania Inflatable Rentals

As I mentioned this is a BIG idea, not necessarily needed for a wonderful and memorable small-scale party, but from the looks of the pics, how could your party not be a complete success? You will likely be giving the kids a new amazing experience, which will grant them with a very warm and lasting memory from that special day.

So, go BIG..or stay home.. or go BIG at home!

very cool idea that the kids will LOVE!!


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