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Planning 1st Birthday Party

on December 10, 2011

We are halfway through December and my almost 10 month old will be a 1 year old before I can say, “OMG, my newborn is a toddler now!!” or “OMG, I have a one year old son?!”

It’s almost February, my little boys birthday month, and the most I have planned for his very special first birthday party is….. um… can you hear the crickets chirping…. nothing.  oy!

So I search online and  I see SOOO many fabulous ideas… the perfect cupcake, the perfect theme, the perfect venue, even the perfect lootbag.  My problem is there are too many ideas!

Here is my first mission: to help myself and help you plan a birthday party with as little stress and as much fun, giggles and smiles as possible.

Let’s get started.

The list..

  1.  List of guests  (number, ages)
  2.  Location (directions, contact info)
  3.  Invitations (online,mail)
  4.  Food/Drinks /Cake/ other yummy desserts (adult food, kiddy food, baby food)
  5.  Entertainment ( professional kids singer ,crazy clown, DJ, old school Raffi jammin on your at home CD player)
  6.  Theme ( Teddy Bear Picnic, Spiderman, Thomas, Cars, Micky Mouse)
  7.  Plates/Napkins/Cutlery /cups (Colours, Sizes)

In the end, I know that my baby boy will be happy even if it is just mommy and daddy there smiling and making goofy faces at him.  If the party is a total fail, oh well, he likely won’t remember… he might have sweet dreams about all of the exciting boxes and torn wrapping paper he gets to play with. If he is lucky I might let him tear apart his birthday cake and take pictures of him doing it to embarrass him at his Bar Mitzvah.

OMG, that’s only 12 years away!

next blog.. planning your sons Bar Mitzvah… see above list.. hasn’t changed much


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